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GCWS Member Meeting - October 2023

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GCWS Member Meeting - October 2023

Oct 4, 2023
GCWS Member Meeting - October 2023

At our October meeting, members met at ARTclectic Gallery and enjoyed an video-conferenced artist demonstration by Peter Jablokow, nationally acclaimed award-winning watercolorist.

Quoting board member Tom Schroeder who attended the meeting:  "That was an outstanding demo!"

Peter began with explaining how photographs tend to flatten the subject matter and how to correct for this.  He showed how to bring life to shadows in a simple painting of a house, as compared to its photograph.  By emphasizing contrasts, he showed us how to create depth and interest.  He demonstrated his unique splattering technique to create interesting textures and color variations. 

All artists who attended, from beginner to more advanced, were enthralled by the demonstration and learned a great deal.  One of our members, Gary Brooks, teaches a watercolor class during the member meeting and had his pupils Zoom into the demo.  Gary later said it was a fantastic demo that was very well received.

In addition, Peter's self-effacing sense of humor and entertaining style added an element of fun to the experience.  Near the end of the demo, he showed us his art studio in which his many antique collections are on display.  We can't thank Peter enough for sharing his artistic world with us. It was a fascinating experience!

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